The Disabled Avant-Garde (DAG)

With Katherine Araniello

The Disabled Avant-Garde (aka DAG) is a satirical organisation formed by the artists Katherine Araniello and Aaron Williamson. They create video and interventionist performance art to cause confusion and provoke debate by subverting society’s perceptions and expectations of disabled people. The DAG follow the social model of disability and their work fits the category of ‘crip humour’, being both pitch-black and self-knowing.


The Single Activity Group (SAG)

With: Jack Catling, Jenna Finch, Kate Mahony, Jordan McKenzie, Simon Raven, Holly Slingsby, lili Spain, Daniella Valz Gen

Formed by Aaron Williamson in 2011, the cue for S.A.G comes from Lillian and Frank Gilbreth’s controversial ‘Time and Motion’ films from the 1910s that were designed to maximise factory production through workers performing a ‘single activity’, day in, day out. The ambition is to evoke, through artist’s performances, an image of a factory of operatives that doesn’t make any productive sense. To reflect the work theme, a S.A.G performance is un/paid by the hour.


15mm Films

With: Katherine Araniello, Laurence Harvey, Simon Raven, Juliet Robson, Philip Ryder

A filmmaking collective formed by Artistic Director Aaron Williamson to challenge normative perceptions of disabled people. Film shorts include ‘The Electricians’ (2003), ‘The Staircase Miracles’ (2005), ‘The Way Out’ (2008).



Wolf in the Winter

With: Brian Catling, Denys Blacker, Anet van de Elzen, Kirsten Norrie, Ralf Wendt

An international performance collective. A group of six solo performance artists who come together through the years to make a pack. Wolf in the Winter performance events have been staged in Greenland, Transylvania, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Scotland and England.

Wolf In Winter

Born to Rule

With Jordan McKenzie

A satirical spin on the new UK Government’s right-wing idea of the ‘Big Society’, Born to Rule set up a painting ‘atelier’ at Standpoint Gallery, London in 2011. Dressed as members of the English Upper Class and with a butler and maid in attendance, Williamson and McKenzie painted (badly), portraits of the visitors to the Gallery, suitably posed against a backdrop of a stately home.

Born to Rule

The Feral Four

With: Katherine Araniello, Sinead O’Donnell, Laurence Harvey, Yuko Morita, Alex Oddy, Simon Raven, Pauline Smith

The world’s biggest pop band phenomenon, the Beatles were largely inaudible as a live act from around mid-1963 on, due to wall of screaming created by thousands of teenage girls. The Feral Four were formed to concentrate upon reflecting this phenomenon by screaming back at the audience while dressed as a Beatles tribute band.

Feral Four