Collapsing Lecture, 2009 – 2011

Byam Shaw School of Art; Goldsmiths College; ‘Performing Knowing’ Conference at the Whitechapel Gallery; Queen Mary and Westfield College; ‘Late at the Tate’, Tate Britain.

This was a series of performances that took the disguise of being a formal 1-hour-long lecture presented in various institutional scenarios. The premise of the Collapsing Lecture was that the delivery of formal lecturing and conference presentations is often fraught with mishap: equipment malfunctions and the lecturer her/himself is subject to unforeseen difficulties. These ‘collapses’ reveal that rather than being a transparent impartation of knowledge, academic Lecturing is in fact an unpredictable form of performance.

An Essay on the Collapsing Lecture’ was published in ‘Disability, Space, Architecture’ – ed. Jos Boys (Routledge, 2017), and can be read HERE