Collapsing Lecture, 2009 – 2011

Byam Shaw School of Art; Goldsmiths College; ‘Performing Knowing’ Conference at the Whitechapel Gallery; Queen Mary and Westfield College; ‘Late at the Tate’, Tate Britain.

This was a series of performances that took the disguise of being a formal 1-hour-long lecture presented in various institutional scenarios. The premise of the Collapsing Lecture was that the delivery of formal lecturing and conference presentations is often fraught with mishap: equipment malfunctions and the lecturer her/himself is subject to unforeseen difficulties. These ‘collapses’ reveal that rather than being a transparent impartation of knowledge, academic Lecturing is in fact an unpredictable form of performance.

An essay on the Collapsing Lecture was published in ‘Performing Knowing’ (Article Press, 2010) and can be read here.