My Normal. . . Your Freak, 2017

With Kate Mahony & Ark T Centre’s ‘My Normal’ Group
Frideswide Square, Oxford

Over the course of three workshops together with the artists, the ‘My Normal’ group (of low-visibility, disadvantaged people) addressed the theme ‘conceal/ reveal’. A camera studio was set up and a collection of salvaged materials made available for creating masks and costumes. It was felt that the group’s public name ‘My Normal’ might imply a concealed alter ego and thus was born ‘Your Freak’. This dynamic was left open to individual interpretation, the workshop participants becoming bolder in devising appearances to reveal aspects of themselves that might normally remain concealed.
A selection of resulting images, printed large size, were exhibited in a series of 18 public display cases on Frideswide Square beside the Oxford Rail Station.

Commissioned by Photo Oxford and Oxford Brookes University’s ‘People’s Project’