Slapped Sticks, 2007-8

‘Aground’ – Hayward Gallery’s Sculpture Court, London
‘Tunnelparty’ – La Casa Verde Gallery in Foligno, Italy.
‘Pursuit’ – Catalyst Arts FIX07 Festival, Belfast
‘Fly’ – Bewaerschole Gallery, Hamsteede in the Netherlands

‘Slapped Sticks’ was an attempt to integrate performance and video, the creative idea being informed from both ends of the process. A durational performance of at least one hour in length was devised so as to give consideration to the effect of speeding up its documentary footage by ten or more times to create a short video between one and two minutes in length. Fittingly for speeded up film, the performances were inspired by classic silent comedies, drawing on slapstick film staples such as collapse, chase, pathos, failure or setback:

In ‘Aground’, 20,000 litres of water leaked from a plastic pool containing a canoe, in which stood a Submarine Commander.

‘Tunnelparty’, featured an animated figure, moving around a tunnel to hang up party decorations, as though for a party of one.

For ‘Pursuit’, two cars – hand-pushed by teams of volunteers – chased each other around the docks area of Belfast.

‘Fly’ was centred around a classic slapstick situation of trying to swat a troublesome insect. This version though, involved perilous climbing around and atop an art gallery.