The Living Studio, 2013 – 14

Acme Studios, Purfleet, Essex (as Recipient of the Stephen Cripps Studio Award)

Inspired by images of the performance-sculptor Stephen Cripps’ studio at Butler’s Wharf between 1975-79, I proposed to make a year-long, ever-evolving ‘living studio’ that could be visited at any time by appointment. In this, the studio itself was the work with myself as its operative, creating transient sculptural assemblages and arrangements that were subject to performative processes throughout the year-long residency.

A central aspect of this performance-sculpture concept was that, rather than being simply an open-studio arrangement, I was ‘operative’ during visits, constantly at work on transient compositions that re-used materials (or ‘arcane scrap’ in Cripps’ term) across different arrangements. Hence, since the work was always transforming I kept a photographic record of temporary assemblages and compositions before dismantling/moving on, to construct new ones.

‘The Living Studio’ was a public work. In continual transformation, it could be visited at any time, either by individuals or groups. Additionally, a shop sign was manufactured and fixed to the outside wall of the studio in order to attract anyone passing through High House Production Park on other business.

Funded by Acme Studios, the Henry Moore Foundation, High House Production Park, and Stephen Cripps’ family

Living Studio 1

Living Studio 2