Two International Incidents, 2009

‘Interchange of Artist Processes’, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1. The Renegade Colonialist:

(From a Wall Text – In English and Spanish – pinned up next to the performance):
Colonialists are supposed to bring Wisdom and Culture to ‘unexplored’ regions. Unfortunately, the Colonialist sometimes becomes RENEGADE and abandons his Mission. Here, in the courtyard, we see a typical RENEGADE COLONIALIST who has been captured and brought back from the ‘Wilderness’. He has caught the fever known as ‘DANCING’.

2. The British Invasion

A strange byproduct of the ‘Falklands/Malvinas Conflict’ in 1982 was that English-language pop music, including the Beatles, was banned from being broadcast in Argentina for several years. Bringing together these two events and images of the British into a hybrid form, I dressed as a Beatle to ‘invade’ a public park in Buenos Aires, crawling and hiding behind trees combat style whilst brandishing a guitar as a gun.

Funded by the British Council and IUNA, the National University for the Arts, Argentina