Zombie Furniture, 2012

‘Experimentica’ Festival, Chapter Arts, Cardiff, Wales

This was a live film-shoot that doubled as a performance to an audience. I was both film-director and star of the film, playing the part of a sledgehammer-wielding Zombie Slayer. In the pouring rain, various items of ‘Zombie Furniture’, (performed by assistant artists), entered through automatic doors into a courtyard one piece at a time, groaning and arranging themselves around.

Directing the film crew for the various short takes, I would also switch into performing the Zombie Slayer, striding purposefully around the courtyard yelling and swinging a sledgehammer about to lustily destroy each item of furniture in turn.

Zombie Furniture: Susan Richardson, Esyllt George, Adam Miller, Francesc Serra Vila, Rosemary Smith, Davida Hewlett, Cat Lewis
Camera: Harriet Wallis, Kate Blair (Culture Colony)
Edited by: Rachel Dowle