Aaron Williamson: Performance, Video, Collaboration

(Kingston University/ LADA, 2009)

Monograph documenting 40 + performance and video works between 2000 – 07. Full colour, 112 pages. The monograph includes an interview by Professor Marquard Smith (Chief-Editor, Journal of Visual Culture), along with many images and self-composed texts relating to my artworks. Production of the monograph was funded as part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council Three-Year Fellowship in the Creative Arts and Performing Arts award at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, University of Central England, (2004 – 07).

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‘Demonstrating the World’ – illustrated essay in ‘The Twenty-First Century Performance Reader’

(Routledge, 2017, ed Teresa Brayshaw and Noel Witts)

Forthcoming, this is the follow-up publication to the standard work: ‘Routledge Twentieth Century Performance Reader’.

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20th C Perf Reader

‘The Collapsing Lecture’ in ‘Disability, Space, Architecture’

(ed. Jos Boys, Routledge, 2017)


Book cover 1

Quick Clips and Short Cuts

(Live Art Development Agency, 2011)

A compilation DVD of short films and edited documentation of 21 selected performance/ video works. The DVD comes in a case, has an interactive menu and is subtitled.


‘Art of the Lived Experiment’ – catalogue to an exhibition curated by Aaron Williamson at the Bluecoat Liverpool, 2014 – 15

Reflecting the theme of experimental process, the catalogue collects pages from the 30 curated artist’s notebooks, sketches and plans for their commissioned works. (68 pages, full colour, ed Bryan Biggs with an Introduction by Aaron Williamson)

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The Forgotten History of the Affligare

(Spike Island Publications, Bristol, 2012)

Full colour catalogue, 36 pages, including images of sculptures along with accompanying texts made whilst Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursarist at Spike Island.


Bite the Hand That Feeds – The Disabled Avant-Garde

(Live Art Development Agency, 2012)

A compilation DVD of short films and documentation of 17 film/video works by the DAG. The DVD comes in a case, has an interactive menu and is subtitled.


Splitting the Atom on Dalston Lane

(The Eel Publications, London, 2009, 28 pages)

Published version of a paper commissioned by Iain Sinclair, and delivered at the British Library in 2008. Illustrated with black & white images.


Art Becomes You! Parody, Pastiche and the Politics of Art Materiality in a Post-Material Paradigm

(ARTicle Press, University of Central England, 2006)

Full colour illustrations, 160pp; co-edited with Henry Rogers. Includes essay ‘A Cripple at the Feast’ by Aaron Williamson along with art theory essays by Amelia Jones, Judith Halberstam and others).


‘Parallel Lines’

(Serpentine Gallery, London)

Editor and essay contributor to online journal that includes my introductory polemic (2000 words) and essays commissioned from Professor Lennard J. Davis (Uni Illinois at Chicago); Professor Joseph Grigely (School of the Arts Institute, Chicago), Georgina Kleege (UC Berkeley), and artist Yinka Shonibare amongst others.



Hearing Things

(Book Works, London, 2001)

Artists book: texts and colour studio photos, 60 pages.


Sonictraps – Involuntary Head Sounds

(Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, 2000)

Catalogue/ texts to accompany solo exhibition/ installation, 16 pages.

sonictraps book cover

Phantom Shifts: Performance Notations

(Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford, 1999)

Texts relating to performance works (8 pages).

Phantom Shifts cover

‘A Holythroat Symposium’

(Creation Books, 1993)

Poetry collection, 110 pages.

Cathedral Lung (Creation Books, 1991)

Poetry collection, 116 pages.

Poetry Review here:


Contributions to Publications (Selected)

‘The 21st Century Performance Reader’ (ed. Anna Fenemore and Noel Witts; Routledge 2016) – 3000-word illustrated essay on ‘Demonstrating the World’ performances.

‘Disability, Space, Architecture: A Reader’ (ed. Jos Boys; Routledge 2016) – 3000-word illustrated essay on ‘The Collapsing Lecture’ performance.

‘Art of the Lived Experiment’ – (exhibition catalogue, ed. Bryan Biggs, The Bluecoat Liverpool, 2014). Introductory essay as Exhibition Curator (p.9 – 18); and two artist’s pages (p. 67 – 68)

‘Art of the Lived Experiment 2’ – (exhibition catalogue, ed. Amanda Cachia – UICA / Ferris State University, 2015). Introductory essay, as Exhibition Curator, (p. 18 – 25), and two artist’s pages, (p. 100 – 101). Expanded, revised version of Bluecoat catalogue, (see next item), published when the exhibition travelled to Grand Rapids, USA.

Photographic collaboration with Manuel Vason in Double Exposures (ed. Manuel Vason, LADA/ University of Chicago, 2015), p. 56 – 57 (images); and p.140 (text).

‘The Collapsing Lecture’ – essay included in ‘Performing Knowing’ edited by Gavin Butt – (Article Press/ Goldsmiths College of Art, 2011), p. 53 – 68.

‘The Sick, Crippy, Bitchy Art of Katherine Araniello’ – essay in ‘The Dinner Party Revisited’ catalogue by Katherine Araniello, (Artsadmin, 2015), p. 11-22

‘We Accept You One of Us’ – essay in Sinead O’Donnell monograph, ‘Caution’, (Artsadmin, 2011), p. 24 – 32.

‘In Alien Couch Territory’ – interview with Sinead O’Donnell in ‘Access All Areas’, (Live Art Development Agency, 2011), p. 17 – 30.

‘The Disabled Avant Garde’ – essay in ‘The Live Art Almanac 2’ (ed. Lois Keidan, Live Art Development Agency, 2009), p.113 – 120

‘A Cripple at the Feast’ – essay included in ‘Art Becomes You!’ (ed., Henry Rogers and Aaron Williamson, Article Press/ University of Central England, 2007), p. 52 – 63

‘Friedrich from the Front, Foaming’ – video work commissioned by liveartwork DVD (Berlin, 2007).

Artist’s essay in Artist Links (British Council, 2006), p.202-205

‘The Unconscious Performance’ – essay in ‘Art, Lies and Videotape’ exhibition catalogue (ed. Adrian George, Tate Publications, Oct. 2003), p.78 – 84.

Cover feature: ‘Performance/ Film’ Art In Sight Magazine, (ed Gill Addison, Filmwaves, June 2003), p. 10 – 11

‘Exposures’ – photographic performance images (ed. Manuel Vason, Black Dog Publishing, 2002). Plates 1 – 3.

Introduction to Hayley Newman monograph, ‘Performancemania’ (Matt’s Gallery, 2001).

Postcard contributed to ‘I Heart Live Art’, (Arts Council England, 2001).

‘Audible Within – Brian Catling’s Performance Soundings’ – Essay in ‘Performance Research’ 4.3 (Routledge, 1999), p.51 – 59.

100 Years of Art and power – (Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, 2003). Black and white photos and texts, 48 pages documenting a learning-disabled group workshop project that I led.

‘Writing Art’ essay in Art Monthly Oct 1999; republished by SIRS on-line.

Performance Research Journal 2:3 – long review of Stephen Barber’s ‘Fragments of a European City’.

‘Hearing Things/The Oracle’, in ‘Art of the Accident’, (NAI Publishing, NL. 1998), p. 85 – 87

Conductors of Chaos: The Picador Anthology of Contemporary Poetry (ed. Iain Sinclair, 1996), p. 473-483.

Artist pages in: Random Access 2, (Rivers Oram/ Glasgow School of Art, 1996).


Writer and Presenter of Radio 4 Programme: ‘The Way Out: the Disabled Avant-Garde’ (30 minutes). Broadcast 15th March, 2011 at 11.30 am. The programme attracted over 100,000 listeners.

Artist Blogs: I have published three blogs commissioned by Disability Art Online (DAO), relating to three projects to date: The Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursarist at Spike Island (2011); as Artist in Residence at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (2012), and currently as recipient of an Unlimited 2 Commission Award for ‘Demonstrating the World’ (2015).